Interpretation of The Sun tarot card

The Sun - Tarot of Marseille

The Sun is one of the three cards – with the Moon and the Star – among the 22 major arcana that symbolizes a celestial body and refers to the cosmic forces that rule over our destiny.
This is the meaning and the interpretation of the 19th card of the tarot of Marseille in a drawing.

Meaning of the Sun card

Drawing The Sun is a very positive sign because it has a great influence over every domain: Love, Work and Money. The Sun is a guarantee of success and happiness in any endeavor.

Any obstacle will crumble before you without requiring many efforts. Everything seems easy because you are gifted with enough mental and physical resources to overcome any situation.

You will also make all your dreams come true, even those that had been thwarted for weeks or even years, both personally and professionally. 

The Sun - Tarot of Marseille

Use that opportunity to consolidate your positions, notably in the professional domain.

You can expect a raise, a promotion, some guarantees for improvements in your working conditions, or even the addition of associates or colleagues to undertake the tasks you are entrusted with or ensure your professional future…
You are entering a very auspicious period and you have to make the most of it to improve your social, financial and emotional situation.

If you draw the Arcanum of the Sun from the 22 Tarot trumps then you will soon be faced with numerous opportunities to improve your standing and with the people that are most suited to help you through it.


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You will be filled wit newfound confidence and willpower, and success will call for success.

You might end up with some extra popularity or prestige if you do any kind of public, social or political job. 

Regarding your love life, people who are in a relationship will strengthen their ties with their significant other while single people have increased chances to meet someone special.

This drawing will also boost sexuality with a deep imagination and a lot of dynamism.

The vitality enjoyed by those who benefit from the drawing of the Sun will only be matched by their inner happiness. The Sun hints at a time of construction, creation, and achievements.

Drawing the 19th Arcanum, the Sun

Drawing this Arcanum is a blessing for any finance-related profession. The Arcanum of the Sun urges you to overcome your own fear and anxiety and shed some light on your life.

It heralds a time that is auspicious for change and inner transformation that will affect your material existence in return.

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