Interpretation of the Moon card

The Moon - Tarot of Marseille

The Moon is one of the three cards – with the Sun and the Star – among the 22 major arcana that symbolizes a celestial body and refers to the cosmic forces that rule over our destiny. 

Meaning of the 18th card from the Tarot of Marseille

The Moon dwells in the area of dreams and intuition. It means that some actions will be limited by a kind of passivity or lymphatic behavior. The physical movements and thoughts of the person who draws this Arcanum will be extremely slowed down.

He or she will have a hard time to act, overcome with nonchalance, daydreams, or even a lack or decline of enthusiasm and vitality.

It will be very hard for them to move into action, finding it hard to find enough dynamism to perform even the most mundane actions.

The Moon - Tarot of Marseille

This tarot card is also a symbol of imagination and intuition, allowing that person to benefit from some good intuitions. Another consequence would be enhanced creativity.

However, the Moon can lock you in the world of dreams and illusions, fantasies and lies. It is a warning for anyone drawing that Arcanum from the 22 Tarot trumps to be wary of their overreaching imagination and not let it drown or overcome them.
Indeed, they must think hard not to be overcome by illusions regarding a way to solve their issues.

The thriving imagination symbolized by this Arcanum is no excuse for hiding in an imaginary world and avoiding the moment where they have to find a solution for their problems.

Drawing the Moon implies that you have to use your creative abilities to pull through.


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Drawing the Moon tarot card

This drawing also indicates a favorable intellectual period to find solutions for problems that seemed unsolvable before. If you draw this Arcanum, you will intuitively find brand new ways to tackle a problem.

This major Arcanum is a blessing for any activity or profession relying on imagination: art or culture creation, the world of advertising and sales campaigns…

Resist any temptation to forget some moral limitations just to achieve your own goals. Do not undertake any action that might harm other people, because you would suffer from a great backlash.

Any hurt would get back to you, one way or another. Forbidden urges will be very strong. Do not fall into their trap by indulging your dark and negative side.
Drawing this tarot Arcanum is a sign of some instability regarding your social ties, or any relief or charity work. The Moon could also hint at some troubles with the authorities, the administration, or the world of politics.

This card heralds creative but bustling times where all your certainties, bias and ideas will be put into question, in every domain. It will unsettle your routine in your private, social, or professional life.
The Moon urges you to set yourself free from your past and take a step back in order not to repeat any past mistake that might have led you to a dead end.

It could also forecast some upcoming birth, which might be a new child in your family or some kind of rebirth or renewal that directly affects you.

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