Exploring your Sun Number

Sun Number

Within numerology, there are a vast array of methods for exploring your own (or someone else’s) personality using simple details such as their name or date of birth. You’ve probably heard of zodiac numerology: the idea that being born within certain dates grants you a specific zodiac sing. But what is a sun number? In this article, we are going to answer that question through exploring the sun numerology as well as providing you with all the information you need to calculate your own (or a friend’s) solar number. So let’s dive right into exploring solar numerology!

What is a Sun Number and How Do I Calculate Mine?

Most forms of numerology, at least those that offer insight into an individual, explore varying forms of personality. It may look at aspirations, drives, strengths, weaknesses, etc. If you were to number zodiac signs rather than use their actual names, you would have zodiac sign 1, zodiac sign 2, etc. It’s the same idea with sun numbers but we only have 9. Sun numbers explore an individual’s ability to adapt to change or how they may handle a situation.

So how can you calculate this number? Well, it’s actually surprisingly simple and somewhat similar to numerology zodiac signs: you simply take the day and the month of your birth date, add them together and reduce them to a single digit.

To give you an example, let’s imagine that you were born on July 13th. July is the 7th month and so gives us the number 7 which would add to 13: 7+13=20. Since 20 isn’t a single number we have to reduce it so we simply add the two digits together: 2+0=2. Therefore, someone born on July 7th would have the solar number 2. So what does this mean?

The Sun Numbers

We can now take a look at each sun number and explore a brief overview of each one. This will offer you an insight into certain personality aspect of whoever’s sun number you’re looking into.

Number 1

As with many forms of numerology, the number 1 represents the strong-willed and determined. These individuals are capable of handling most situations, regardless of how out of their depth they may be. Number 1’s are quick to adapt, quick to respond and quick to handle whatever change is taking place. However, this isn’t always as positive a trait as it sounds. Number 1’s will often rush into change without understanding it fully which can lead to collateral damage.

Number 2

As we explore the sun number 2, we find that they are calculating and analytical when it comes to any change or decision. A number 2 will never rush into change head-on, they will consider all the possible outcomes, determine the positive and negative aspects, and then make an informed decision on how to handle the situation. Unfortunately, all this calculating can lead to moments of defeat. Number 2’s are quick to wave the white flag whenever a situation appears to be against them.

Number 3

The creativity of the number 3 comes in handy during most, if not all new situations. Being able to approach a challenge from a different angle to others not only offers unique opportunities but will often save time and energy. The cure of number 3’s creativity is that they have a tendency to get ahead of themselves: starting a new project before the previous one is finished and ultimately leaving a trail of incomplete goals behind them.


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Number 4

As we take a look at sun number 4’s numerology signs, we find that they enjoy most forms of change as it allows them an opportunity to test their skills and knowledge. 4’s take a cautious approach and tackle a new situation like a lion stalking its prey: only at the last moment do they pounce! 4’s can be demanding and in many situations will appear cold, distant and often apathetic.

Number 5

The number 5 is a fairly unique group of people. Where other numbers will handle a situation in a semi-predictable manner, number 5’s thrive on being spontaneous. If they haven’t tried something already then you can guarantee that it’s going to happen in the future. This ability can be refreshing and for many of the other numbers, it’s something to envy as it keeps things exciting. The downside is that they are often viewed as irresponsible or immature.

Number 6

The sun number 6 is essentially the polar opposite of the number 5. They excel at forming a concrete routine and will have a plan for most situations. They are incredibly patient and won’t rush anything along or take any unnecessary risks or chances. However, this approach leads to frustration as even a number 6 will eventually get bored of the repetitive nature of their personality.

Number 7

The sun number 7 indicates that a person is of a scholarly nature. If they face change or a new situation, chances are that they’ve already read about the best ways to handle it. They can offer insight to other people and are always happy to share all their knowledge. However, they are often viewed as a little crazy and their unique approach to any given situation can lead other’s to act cautiously around them.

Number 8

The number 8 represents optimism above all else. Most of the other number’s will handle loss or defeat in a similar manner but for an 8 it is simply an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. They tend to be level-headed, grounded and understand the world in a manner that make’s others envious. However, this optimism can lead to high (and often unmet) expectations and their understanding of the world tends to make them feel superior, even to authoritative figures.

Number 9

As we reach the final sun number, the number 9, we find a group who pride themselves on understanding a situation before taking action. Number 9’s get to know the people involved in order to understand motivations and intentions. They will typically have a number of long-term plans with back-ups for each. However, they are guarded individuals and making a personal connection with one can be difficult, even strenuous. 

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