The Moon Tarot Card – positive or negative?

the moon

The Moon is one of the three Tarot of Marseille arcana representing a celestial body, the other two being the Star and the Sun. Strange and mysterious, this card may cause a feeling of distrust  in those who draw it. Why? What does it make us learn about ourselves? Does Drawing this card really herald bad news?

How is The Moon represented in the Tarot of Marseille?

The Moon Tarot card is composed of several disconcerting elements. We are going to try to identify them.
In the blue water of the pool at the base of the card, a sort of lobster seems to be waiting for something, with its pincers up.

At the edge of the pool, two flesh-colored animals seem to be playing with multicolored drops falling from the sun (or going upward in its direction). The two beasts look like dogs without fur. When taking a closer look at their attitude, it can be noticed that their tongues are hanging out. Farther away, two yellow towers are standing.

Above them lies the Moon, such as is represented in the popular imagination in the form of a feminine face. But this moon is confined inside a sun with multiple rays.

What does the rejection caused by the card of the Moon mean?

To understand why the Moon arcanum may make those who draw it in a Tarot draw feel ill-at-ease, we have to dive into our minds. This introspection might well lead to finding the monster in the water.

We have to confront our demons. We cannot deny them, or hide them, because the emergence of our real personality might well sow confusion.

The Moon is not only the arcanum linked to concealed events and underground actions, it is also linked to the Subconscious and its destructive and devastating energy depending on how we use it.

The Moon usually has a bad reputation, but it can also represent positive things – notably pregnancy – and cause other positive things relating to creativity to happen.

This tarot card relates to unconscious fears and may very well represent the latent anxiety residing in any individual. The Moon Arcanum is not a particularly friendly card but it is not a totally hostile one either.

It might embarrass those who fear the emergence of their real self, which they kept hidden with subterfuges, those who distrust their imagination and push back their dreams. This tarot card will also touch those who wish to settle down and start a family but who are unable to make their wish materialize. The Moon will prompt those who link this card to occult sciences to pull a face because it will make them feel ill-at-ease or anguished.
I wrote a special file about how to decipher the concealed meanings of the other major arcana of the Tarot of Marseille. You can consult it here. And, to further your knowledge of the Tarot of Marseille, of its history, its origins or its composition, I invite you to browse my tarology section.

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