Name Numerology and the Impact of Changing Names

Name Numerology

If you’re reading this article then it’s likely that you’ve just changed your name or are considering doing so. Of course there is numerology associated with your birth name and so you’re wondering how this name change will impact your life, if at all. In this article we are going to explore the concept of name changing and how the meaning of your name changes along with it. We’ll explore the general idea of name numerology including how to find the meaning of your name and we’ll answer: does your name determine your future?

Basics of Name Numerology

Working out the numerology names carry is pretty straight forward, you may have even carried out this exercise before. For this example we’ll use the name Destiny Smith. So what does the name Destiny mean? In order to answer this question, we will use this following key to convert the name into a numerical value: 1 (A-J-S), 2 (B-K-T), 3 (C-L-U), 4 (D-M-V), 5 (E-N-W), 6 (F-O-X), 7 (G-P-Y), 8 (H-Q-Z), 9 (I-R). We simply switch each letter for a number, reduce the number to a single digit and then you would combine all of your names, reducing that to a single digit as well.

So for Destiny Smith we would get D(4), E(5), S(1), T(2), I(9), N(5), and Y(7) which gives us 33 which is reduced to 6 (3+3). Smith would give us S(1), M(4), I(9), T(2) and H(8) which is 24. Once we reduce this we have 6 (2+4). When we combine the number together we get 12 which is reduced to 3 (1+2). We now know the numerology essence number associated with the name Destiny Smith is 3. So what is the impact of changing your name and why would you want to do it?

Natural Name Changes

Changes in name numerology can be easily divided into one of two categories: natural vs artificial. As we go through life, there are natural instances where our name can change and with it, it’s meaning. For example, you might get married and take on a new surname. Destiny Smith might become Destiny McDonald and so her surname would become 30, reduced to 3, giving her the final number (when combined with the 6 from Destiny) 9.

As you can see, this drastically changes the meaning of her name. Another natural example of a name numerology change would be a nickname. Nicknames are part of us, they form an identity and are usually given to us by other people. For example, if Destiny was called Des by her friends then she may view that as her name.

If she checks the meaning of her name she would find that Des gives her 10, reduced to 1, giving her a total of 7 (when combined with the 6 from Smith). As you can see, this drastically changes the meaning of her names once again. The names meaning change is happening naturally and therefore will still accurately reflect her personality.

Artificial Name Changes

When a numerology name changes (and with it the number) it will usually reflect a new state of being for that individual. This will often come in the form of some sort of character or life development such as getting married or acquiring a new group of friends. Artificial name changes don’t develop in the same manner and so the new meaning that is associated with this person is likely to be inaccurate or completely false. There are arguably two forms of artificial name changes.

The first one is where somebody purposefully changes their name to appear to have a certain personality type. For example, if they wanted to be associated with the personality type of a birth name number 1, then they might find a way to have a name that leads to that number. They are under the impression that changing their name will ultimately change their personality but the opposite is true. It’s through personality changes that our name changes.

Name numerology reflects the change that has already taken place in our lives. The other type of change might not be to intentionally acquire a certain number but it’s usually a similar reason. When someone changes their name so that people view them differently e.g. if Destiny changed her name to “super cool Des” then she’s obviously trying to make people see her as being “super cool”. Such as change will also no impact the life of Destiny as it was entirely artificial.

Is there an Impact in Changing Name Numerology?

Ultimately, name numerology is the reflection of change, not the cause of it. Most people will stay associated with their birth name for most of their lives because that is ultimately who they are. When a name change does occur, it’s usually the end result of a personality change. It is this change that impacts our name rather than the name causing any change.

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