Personal year 4

personal year 4

This is a time for structure and perseverance. Personal year 4 is a synonym for construction and work and you will need some energy and flexibility.

The meaning of personal year 4

Personal year 4 is mainly built around three notions :

  • effort
  • construction
  • order 

With that in mind, you need to be organized and pragmatic while paying close attention to details. Your determination and focus will be priceless assets for you.

You need to fully commit to your own projects. Even if you feel frustrated, genuine opportunities will stand before you! Do not forget to stay flexible in order to bounce back on any possibility within reach.
Personal year 4 is a rather slow period. It will be the perfect time to focus on projects you have set aside until now. 
On an organizational level, it is high time for you to sort your paperwork and, more broadly, to sort your business.

Personal year #4 and work

You will need to make a lot of efforts, you have to persevere and show your versatility. You might have to go on one or several business trips. Strictness and patience are mandatory!
Your determination at work might yield a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.


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Personal year 4 and personal life

Personal year 4 works in slow motion, so it might consolidate your assets. It is also auspicious to start great works, which might slow down some other projects.
Your loved ones will be aware of and thankful for your efforts, and they will support you. However, personal years number 4 often result from the number 13, a sign of change.

You might be called into question, but these changes will be consolidated in the year 5.

Personal year number 4 and business

If you want to buy a house or refurbish one, this is a most favorable year. Generally speaking, any business contracted during that period will be satisfying overall.
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