Meaning of the number 5


Numbers are much more than mere characters. Each one of them has its own aura, its own universe. Beyond their purely functional aspect lies a fascinating world, that of numerology. Today, I offer you to explore the number 5

The number 5, number of knowledge and life  

Five is the quintessence that can bring opposites together:

  • The Number 1 represents the (starting) point,
  • The Number 2 represents one-dimensional lines,
  • three represents planes, surfaces,
  • four, construction, matter (the square, the cube).
  • five is what this form contains, the invisible but real quintessence that enters the field of the fourth dimension.

This number enlivens matter through its spirit. It is life and knowledge.

The number 5, a highly-symbolical figure   

The union between the spirit and matter through life is symbolized by the five-pointed star.
5 symbolizes what is human (ahead, two arms, two legs) that pertains to the five-pointed star.
The number five is the number of our senses. Therefore, it is sensuality but also Venus’ number. In Roman figures, 5 is represented by a V. Five is considered to be extremely positive because it opens the doors to Heaven.

Seeing #5 everywhere: how to interpret this?

This number – whether seen in a dream or a vision – heralds success. But this success is not an end in itself. Life carries on and you should not rest on your laurels. The message conveyed by the number 5 says that once your wish is granted, you must try to fulfill another one. A wish is replaced by another wish...