The Fool card in the Tarot, favorable or unfavorable?

The Fool Tarot Card

The feeling of distrust towards the Fool partly stems from the excessive interpretation of this card by some tarot readers. Right side up, this card would refer to "genius"; reversed, it would refer to craziness. However, the subtleties of the Tarot of Marseille do not boil down to this extreme duality.

How is the Fool represented in the Tarot of Marseille?

The objective observation of this card shows a man using a yellow stick, walking on a yellow path. His shoes are red and his trousers are blue.

There is a golden belt around his red jacket. One of his sleeves is also golden.

Around and above his head, a strange hairstyle looks like a mix between a warrior helmet and a jester hat. He looks up to the sky and carries a wand with a flesh-colored bag at the end of it. He, incidentally, carries this bag in a weird fashion.

His left hand is holding the wand, which is curiously placed on his right shoulder. Have you ever tried to walk like this? It is quite difficult!

Behind this man, an animal is trying to hold him back, unless it tries to push him forward. The man seems to be looking at the stars.

The fact that he’s distracted by the stars might cause him to fall down. Still, his stick is firmly planted in the soil. Is he crazy? Surely he’s not that crazy.

He may be a little bit thrown off balance because of the position of his bundle and of the inclination of his head.

In the Tarot of Marseille, the colors are particularly important when it comes to interpreting the cards. His red shoes can be interpreted as the desire to live his life.

The Fool is coming to the end of his journey. He is then the one who lets his lucky star guide him, the one who trusts life and knows the road to follow by heart.


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What does the apprehension caused by the Fool mean?

The feeling of distrust towards the Fool often stems from a lack of confidence, not only in oneself but also in the generosity of Life.

This Tarot of Marseille card will whip with full force someone who doesn’t know where they’re going, someone who doesn’t dare, who refuses to live life to the fullest.

The Fool Arcanum invites us to be aware of the various opportunities that present themselves to us. It will also leave a mark on those who are tempted to manipulate others by acting as a victim.

By carrying things to the extreme, the Fool card may petrify those who are afraid of sinking into craziness or those who expect a lot from others but do not give anything in return.
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