The Tower Tarot Card – a positive or negative one?


The Tower Tarot card usually makes those who draw it shiver. Is it a catastrophic card? Depending on the various tarots, this card can be called "The Tower" or "The House of God". But is this card really tragic and synonymous with catastrophe? What if it was, on the contrary, a joyful and fun card of hope?

How is the Tower card represented in the Tarot of Marseille?

Isn’t there a lesson to learn every time you fall down, a lesson that makes you stronger? The answer to this question can naturally be found in this tarot card. It pictures a flesh-colored tower, the summit of which is being opened, and lightning striking it. Snow – or confetti – falls all around it. There are two young men at the foot of the tower. Half of the body of one of them is made invisible by the building. Did they fall from the tower or are they doing somersaults? Their facial expressions are ambiguous. But their faces don’t express fear.

Some words may have surprised you in this description of the card. Words of a rather joyful connotation – such as confetti or somersaults – even though the Tower usually brings about fear. Still, the word "confetti" perfectly fits to describe this red, white and blue snow.

A particularly ambiguous Tarot of Marseille card

As mentioned above, this card can also be called The House of God. What house could also be God? It can only be Man, above of God and part of God himself in his highest expression?

It seems the flame/feather duster wants to clean the inside of the tower and give it the color of the flesh. It can do so gently or violently. Gently, and joy erupts inside us. Violently, and it pulls down the main characters.

Now, we have to look inwards and be receptive to the currents of life. As mentioned above, this "dust removal" can take place vigorously. In this case, the “Tower" unleashes its negative meaning. Usually, it is synonymous with renewed soul-searching. The forces of life and the vital fluids must be trusted.

We must let ourselves be guided by our lucky star now that we have got rid of the past.

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