The Chinese Tarot

chinese tarot

Chinese culture leaves an important role to play for any divinatory art like astrology or even Chinese numerology. The art of tarot reading is not neglected either, as you can find what is called the Chinese Tarot Deck.

The Chinese Tarot is also called Golden Dragon Tarot

Similar to the Tarot de Marseille, the Chinese tarot is made of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana, for a total of 78 cards. Furthermore, the Golden Dragon Tarot and the Tarot de Marseille also work alongside similar principles: each tarot Arcanum unveils a message. During a paid or free Chinese tarot reading, the deep symbolism found in every card further enhances the message it delivers.

Chinese Philosophy and Tarot

The Chinese Tarot is heavily influenced by Chinese philosophy, most particularly the Tao where you can find a theory of balance with the yin-yang symbol. You can indeed find the key elements of that philosophy throughout the Golden Dragon Tarot, namely:
  • self-awareness
  • inner wisdom
  • the respect of ancient traditions 

Drawing and interpreting cards from the Chinese tarot requires focus and calm. You need to draw deep within yourself and let yourself be guided by your inner feelings to discover the meaning and depth of each Arcanum of the Golden Dragon Tarot.


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