The meaning of the cards according to cartomancy

cartomancy meaning

During a reading, the cards are interpreted one after the other. Indeed, the cards in a draw influence one another and only unveil their message when they are interpreted together. To understand their meaning, it is important to know the different levels of reading but also, most of all, to know the depth of numbered and face cards in cartomancy.

Meaning of the numbered cards according to cartomancy

One (Ace): It is the beginning, the start of an action, or the birth of a new situation. For instance:

  • The start of a project,
  • moving house.

It is: the energy of beginnings, untapped potential, and enthusiasm.
Two: It indicates the potential outcome of a situation. Deuces can also refer to a state:

  • of balance and assessment,
  • of duality,
  • of complementarity
  • or even of opposition.

This card represents agreement or disagreement, depending on the other cards of the draw.
Three represents the result of the union of 1 and 2. It is time to see the result of the action. It is also:

  • a birth,
  • a spark of creativity,
  • a first step that has successfully been taken.

Four brings to mind the root of a situation, of a construction, in other words the basis of a relationship or situation. Its meaning relates to:

  • stability,
  • solidity,
  • balance between matter and spirit
  • but also, potentially, a kind of opposition to change.

Its keywords are: house, home, stability, real estate, and strong foundations.
Five: it is a spark that can trigger a new step:

  • a sign that foresees some change or renewal,
  • maybe also the sign of some crises that will trigger some growth and development.

Six refers to the idea of:

  • growth,
  • evolution,
  • progression,
  • any required effort before you can see any result.

It is also a choice that must be made, a decision to make before you can reach harmony and balance.


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Seven hints at the possibility:
  • of diversification, or change of context or activity
  • of a development of a situation or of an idea.

This card can represent a child if it is from the suit of Clubs or Hearts.
Eight represents:

  • negotiations,
  • steps that must be taken,
  • challenges.

Any idea or person involved in a situation could be challenged. It is also the sign of an event that will be the consequence of former actions.
If it is from the suit of Hearts or Clubs, that card might also refer to a young woman undergoing some changes.
Nine indicates long-term projects. You do not need to be impatient, the results will not be long in coming. This card is about any effort that must be met: moving forward is the only way to ensure that a desire, idea or project will be fulfilled.
Ten: It is the end of a cycle or project. Some uncanny events might come to pass. This is the quiet before the new storm.

Meaning of the court cards according to cartomancy

The Jack is related to risk, but also to messages and communication. This card symbolizes a young man evolving, or a middleman, someone with a message.
The Queen is the symbol of a woman with certain skills for communication, finding common ground, and favoring positive emotions and love. It is the mature stage of fertility. A potential for creation, for conception, but also a way to reap the fruits of a rich experience. 

The King symbolizes a radiant man, often well off, experienced and master of his own life. It is also a symbol of movement, of doing something, of authority, and of decision making to facilitate some potential change.
The meanings detailed in this article are the most important ones and constitute the first tools for any cartomancy-based interpretation.
You need to keep in mind that no card has any fixed or static meaning. It interacts with the other cards in the reading and can have a different meaning depending on the situation, the question itself, but also on the open-mindedness of the one asking for a card reading.

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