Card interpretation according to their color

cartomancy card color

What do the cards say once you have drawn them? According to cartomancy, each of the 4 suits represents a specific area. Beyond any overall symbolism, you need to focus on card interpretation with a lot of patience if you want to yield any deep meaning. It is sometimes possible to combine several card readings (3-card reading, 5-card reading, etc.) to get a comprehensive set of answers.   

How to interpret the cards according to their symbol?

Lets find out about their different meaning below!

Clubs: money, finances, material goods

The suit of clubs was designed for the French deck where it is called "trèfle" (clover):

  • its meaning is close to the four-leaf clover that brings luck and protection to anyone who finds it
  • it can also be tied to the "millionaires’ clubs", something you say of those who have a lot of money

The suit of Clubs is thus both a symbol of money, coins (in a strictly financial meaning) and a symbol of protection, a shield, a talisman (lucky charm).

Hearts – love, friendship, emotions

Initially, the symbol of the suit of Hearts was a cup, a chalice, or even a grail. As such, it brought to mind the crusade, the quest for the Holy Grail and its meaning as a spiritual triumph.
A Heart can also remind you of the physical organ of the heart, as well as the flow of blood. Blood also represents “blood ties”, and as such family and family ties.
This suit thus refers to the emotional domain in any shape or form: kinship, friendship, or even romantic relationships.

Diamonds – energy, traveling

Diamonds can represent an arrowhead, a projectile thrown by a warrior. Case in point, in the Tarot they are represented by a wand, with sharp point.
By extension, any card from that suit thus represents physical movement from one place to another, but also the spread of information, of a message, and as such, communication. Diamonds are thus mainly tied to energy and motion, to mobility.


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Spades – action, savoir-faire, the inner life

The main meaning of the suit of Spades is tied to the sword: the long sword of the crusaders or the curved sabers.
It is thus a symbol of aggressive action, of an assault against an opponent. But since the sword also represents a fight for justice – the “sword of justice” – the suit of Spades is also linked to any action to restore justice, the law, or the established order.
Another symbol can complete its meaning: as a tool forged by men, a sword can represent technique and savoir-faire. By extension, the suit of Spades is tied to intellect, reflection, discernment, and the inner life. 

A correct interpretation for the cards

The cards change and improve as you draw them: from the first one (the least important) to the last one, which is always the most important card.
However, they stay under the influence of their suit at all times (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, or Spades). You further need to take their position into account when they are drawn, upright or reversed:

  • When it is upright, a card represents its usual meaning,
  • In a reversed position, it can hint that there is an obstacle before what it foreseen, or that the meaning is the opposite of what it usually means

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