Drawing the card of the Justice

The Justice - Tarot of Marseille

Justice is among the 3 trumps from the 22 major arcana that materialize the virtues and remind Mankind of the principles that must be followed to be successful in life, with Strength, and Temperance. As a psychic and tarot reader, I share my interpretations of the 8th tarot trump.

Characteristics of the Justice card, symbol of order and balance

This Arcanum is a symbol of order, strictness, discipline, in other words? Justice card! The balance has been upset and must be restored. This tarot card symbolizes a decision that has to be made, but that must not be ruled by emotion.

 The Justice - Tarot of Marseille

The final judgment must stem from deep conviction or honest reflection, regardless of the consequences that will ensue. With this card, sometimes you need to display some courage and face your responsibilities, and sometimes you need to swallow your pride and admit you were wrong. Even if the final decision is hard to make, you will be rewarded for it, there is no doubt about it! Something good will come out of it!
Justice is always a positive Arcanum, even if the consequences might seem hard to bear. The challenge itself will make you stronger. Above all, do not sacrifice your own conscience just to make a decision you know to be wrong but that would be more comfortable or lessen your share of responsibilities because even if you might hide it from others, you will never hide it from yourself. Even if everyone else is none the wiser, your conscience will still be soiled, so make the good decision on the first try!
This Tarot Arcanum often hints at upcoming struggles with some institutions: administration, justice, or the authorities. It could be exams to take or upcoming interviews. It could also refer to the business world with contracts or agreements to sign… Just remember: the balance has been upset. Harmony must be restored!