Interpreting the Chariot, Arcanum #7

The Chariot - Tarot of Marseille

 The Chariot is among the 5 last trumps from the 22 major arcana that refer to the trials of the world and symbolize our chaotic path on earth, with the World, Judgment, the House of God, and the Wheel of Fortune.

Symbolism of the Chariot card in a drawing

An auspicious Arcanum, the Chariot tarot card is a symbol of success, of the philosophy of the will, of action, courage, and power. When you draw this card you can set about doing anything with confidence.

However, you need to act, as nothing will be done on its own! You have a huge potential within you, and the time has come for you to express it.

 The Chariot - Tarot of Marseille

With courage, pugnacity and willpower you will meet your goal. Do not lower your guard even if you have a few trials ahead.
With this Arcanum you will be full of mental and physical energy, as never before.

Do not forget that everything is in motion and that a positive phase might not last and could be replaced with a much harder period… and so on and so forth.

Thus, make the most of your current advantage and enjoy the positive times brought by the Chariot. Do not worry about the challenges and obstacles you will need to overcome because they are much easier to face than you might think.

Do not let yourself be distracted by your own feelings acting like a magnifying glass and sending you an over-inflated image of the size of your problems.
You will overcome any challenge much easier than you might think thanks to the energy from the Chariot that will protect you.


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What does the Chariot card mean?

The Chariot card is a symbol of motion, hinting at upcoming great changes in some areas of your life, most notably professionally and materially.
You will need to face a surge of emotions that you will have to manage and control in order to move forward.

Do not hesitate to express your creativity and art in order to evacuate and transform the heavy flow of emotions that will run through you.
This will be a boon, most notably if you are working on your memoirs, or personal or collective history.

The Chariot will enhance your memories and research. An Arcanum in motion, it could also forecast a trip, professional travel or relocation… but it will always be positive for you.

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