What is Kabbalah numerology?


Kabbalah texts are made of words composed of 22 Hebrew letters, each one of them having its own symbolism and corresponding to a number. The bond between numerology and Kabbalah is extremely strong since numerology represents one of the access doors to knowledge.

First and last names in Kabbalah numerology

Kabbalah numerology hinges on theological, spiritual and mystical concepts. With that in mind, first and last names will be used as corner stones to determine:

  • the karma
  • the mystery and meaning of each life
  • the secrets of incarnation

Each letter holds information that is determining as far as the progression of each human life is concerned.

Correspondences between numbers and Hebrew letters

The correspondence between the Hebrew letters and the 22 numbers gives birth to a numerology that is particularly complete. Indeed, Kabbalah numerology brings together complementary dualities:

  • the visible and the invisible
  • the Yin and the Yang
  • the conscious and subconscious

What is the role played by numerology in Kabbalah?

It helps comprehend the inner being. Kabbalah numerology reveals the fundamental goal of life, the meaning of life.

It also mentions the accumulated excesses or deficiencies and the influences they have on our lives even if we are unaware of them. It helps perceive who we really are deep down, understand our destiny, our mission on Earth, and unveils our reality.
In other words, it helps progress on the path to balance and harmony.

It makes us aware of ourselves, gives answers to existential and spiritual questions. Kabbalah numerology broaches problems and helps solve them at the same time.

Hebrew letters and Sephirot

This form of numerology is based on two fundamental elements: the 22 Hebrew letters and the Sefirots.

The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet

  1. Alef
  2. Bet
  3. Gimel
  4. Dalet
  5. He
  6. Vav
  7. Zayin
  8. Het
  9. Tet
  10. Yod
  11. Kaf
  12. Lamed
  13. Mem
  14. Nun
  15. Samekh
  16. Ayin
  17. Pe
  18. Tsadi
  19. Qof
  20. Resh
  21. Shin
  22. Tav

The 10 Sefirots

  1. Keter, “Crown”
  2. Chokhmah, “Wisdom”
  3. Binah, “Understanding”
  4. Chesed, “Mercy”
  5. Gevurah, “Severity”
  6. Tiferet, “Beauty”
  7. Netzacḥ, “Victory”
  8. Hod, “Splendour”
  9. Yesod, “Fundation”
  10. Malkuth, “Kingship”