The meaning of mirror hours from 12:12pm to 05:05pm

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Double hoursare tied to two major occult sciences: numerology and astrology. The mystery behind that phenomenon was born from that mystical combination. How can it be explained? How can we decipher the mirror hours that we can see? Far from being merelynumbers marking down time, these double hours each have a specific meaning and an influence over your present and future. Here you can discover the meaning of those between 12:12pm and 05:05pm.

Meaning of the 12:12pm mirror hour

The vision of this mirror hour can enhance extrasensory powers, including clairvoyance. As such, you should keep an open mind for any sign you might receive to that effect.
You have to give up some of your ideas that might prevent you from making progress. Make the most of the great clairvoyance that should be yours over the next few days following your encountering that mirror hour.

Double hour: 01:01pm

You come to the end of a cycle to start a new one; it might be in general or in a specific area:

  • money
  • luck
  • love
  • social interactions...

When the time has come, you will know it thanks to specific signs. If you cannot pull through by following a certain path, it might be a good time to switch direction.
There will be some changes in your life, some of them appearing as opportunities to shake things up in your existence. You should seize them.

Mirror hour: 02:02pm

It is highly likely that you will end up in a positive flow of evolution where all your bearings will change. It might entice you to change a few aspects of your life if you want to move on and reach your goals.
You might go through a time of instability but you should not panic. The obstacles you will face will be unique opportunities to progress and move on to a higher level and be happier in your life.


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Double hour: 03:03pm

You might go through a really thrilling and fascinating period where your desires will be strong and intensified. Many opportunities could come within reach in many domains and in the right conditions.
You will have the opportunity to enhance your willpower, and if you work alongside the path of your evolution, your might then develop your influence and personality.

Mirror hour: 04:04pm

This mirror hour means that you need to take stock of your life and take another look at your major goals. You will have to face some changes and will need to adapt to them. To do so, you should look for new solutions, because some of yours might be unsuited to the task.

Double hour: 05:05pm

You might have many new ideas because this mirror hour sharpens creativity and imagination. You will thus find solutions to problems that have been bothering you for a while.
You will receive a great force of creativity that will allow you to rise up and see things differently. You will feel the urge to progress.
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