Calculating your Soul Urge Number

Soul urge number

Have you ever wondered what sort of details and insights your name can offer? In numerology, a name can be explored and deciphered much like a code with a hidden meaning. Some of the more common examples of this would be your expression number or your personality number but in this article we are going to explore one number in particular: your soul number.
We’ll take a look at what this number represents, how to calculate it and a brief overview of what each number means.

How do I Calculate it?

Calculating your soul number is incredibly easy! You simply apply a numerical value to each of the vowels in your name, reduce them to single digits, combine the totals and then reduce the total to a final single digit number.

The numerical values are A=1, E=5, I=9, O=6 and U=3. When taking the name Chad Hogan as an example, we only have the A in Chad (A=1) and the O and A in Hogan (O+A=6+1) so we end up with 1 and 7 respectively.
Combining these gives us 8 so Chad Hogan would have the soul number 8. What does this mean?

Number 1

These individuals are competitive to say the least. Winning is their goal and doing so provides them with a sense of pride, happiness and ultimately contentment. They are typically headstrong and confident but still friendly and fun to be around.

Number 2

The main goal of these individuals is to spread love and peace throughout the world. Accomplishing one step towards this goal fills them with pride and joy. They actively avoid conflict and will try to defuse any situation, even if it doesn’t directly involve them.

Number 3

Creativity is the main focus of those with the soul urge number 3. Having limits placed on their imaginations will dampen their spirit. In comparison, being able to let loose and create originality and display their visions will cause them to feel a great sense of accomplishment.


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Number 4

Soul urge number 4 is one of security. This group are planners, especially when it comes to anything financial. They are constantly trying to be more efficient and being in debt is something that will wear away at their spirit. They find comfort in expanding their knowledge through reading and higher learning.

Number 5

If you’re in this group then you already know that you’re a bit of a free spirit. You tend to do what you want, when you want. You don’t care if the weather turns bad or if other people bail on plans. If it’s something you want to do then nothing will stand in your way.

Number 6

Soul urge number 6is a group of people who find a sense of accomplishment through helping others. More specifically, they need to feel a sense of appreciation and gratitude from other people. This may sound selfish but the good work they do more than makes up for it.

Number 7

Individuals in this group enjoy isolation. That’s not to say that they aren’t sociable but they would typically take a meditation session alone on the top of a mountain over a party. They search for untapped knowledge and strive to better themselves spiritually and mentally.

Number 8

This number refers to individuals who love to be financially secure. This isn’t because they worry about money but rather it’s because they enjoy spending it. They search out new material possessions regularly. This group are known for being great business owners in part due to their ability to take financial risks.

Number 9

Soul urge number 9 is the humanitarian group. These people will do anything they can to better the world and improve the lives of all creatures residing within it. They are very green and charitable. If there is a good cause, you can expect to find many number 9 involved in some form or another. 

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