What’s My Expression Number?

Expression Number Guide

Ever wondered what your name says about you? Every name has a history but did you know that a name can also be used to look towards future events as well? In this article we are going to delve into your expression number. An expression number is an example of one of your core numbers and using only your name (and an expression number calculator) you can get a glimpse of various aspects of your life, some of which you may be completely unaware of. So let’s take a look at how you can discover your life expression number!

Expression Number Calculator

Don’t worry if you’re not great at maths, working out your number is incredibly simple! All we need to do is take your name, calculate expression number and then do some basic sums. The process simply involves reducing any numbers to a single digit (you can get expression number 11 but that’s not important right now).

Before we look at an example, you need to know the numerical value of each letter. All the numbers are single digit (1-9) and the simple way to remember it is simple counting from 1-9 along the alphabet. For example, ‘I’ is 9 and so ‘J’ is 10. We’ll go through each number and its corresponding letters: 1 (A-J-S), 2 (B-K-T), 3 (C-L-U), 4 (D-M-V), 5 (E-N-W), 6 (F-O-X), 7 (G-P-Y), 8 (H-Q-Z), 9 (I-R).

To give you an example now, let’s use the name of the famous movie character archaeologist : Indiana Jones. You would use this following technique for your middle name as well. So we know I=9, N=5, D=4, I=9, A=1, N=5 and A=1. This gives us a total of 30, which isn’t a single digit number.

To reduce 30 we simply d 3+0, this equals 3. Do this for your first, middle and last name and add the total together. You then combine these numbers so Indiana=3, as does Jones so we get 6. If it was a double digit number, you would simply reduce it again by adding the two digits. This is your numerology expression number.

What Does Your Number Say About You?

Now that you know your life expression number, we can explore what this says about you in relation to your talents, abilities, strengths, weaknesses and much more. After all, the numerology (and therefore the energy) that your name carries has impacted you throughout your life, even if you didn’t know it. So let’s take a look at expressions number 1.


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Number 1

Those expressing number 1 know what they want and they don’t hesitate in pursuing it. They are daring, a little hot-headed, confident and don’t mind taking risks if it means they will achieve their goal or aim. However, this level of impulsivity sometimes blinds you to the consequences of your actions, leaving others to pick up the pieces.

Number 2

For those of you falling under this category, you already know what I’m about to tell you: you’re a kind-hearted and friendly bunch who could take the leadership, if you wanted to, but much prefer being able to work with others in a more relaxed environment. You’re empathetic and this is your weakness as sometimes the cruel realities of the world become a little overwhelming.

Number 3

It takes a lot to crush the spirit of a number 3! Your sunny optimism is matched only by your desire to share such optimism with the world. You often find yourself in a notebook scribbling down ideas and you love having a creative outlet. However, having too broad a focus when it comes to your creative endeavours will leave you with unobtainable goals and unachieved dreams. So every once in a while you need to focus your energy into the project that speaks to you the most!

Number 4

If you’re a number 4 then you know that you enjoy being a disciplined and organised individual. In fact, it’s something you pride yourself on. That’s not to say that you can’t be creative and you can’t have fun but nothing ever needs to be fully out of control. This frame of mind will push your career forward but you do need to be wary when it comes to relationships as not everybody shares your passion for order.

Number 5

Those belonging to the number 5 are at the opposite end of the scales to the number 4. The mere thought of control and order sends shivers through your spine. You live life for the adventure and spontaneity is your middle name! Nobody will stand in your way as you chase every new experience you find around the world. Just be careful that you don’t abandon those closest to you as you may need them in later life.

Number 6

As we reach expression number 6, we find a group of people who simply want to make the world a better place. You have many goals and yet none of them are selfish. It could be that you want to heal the planet or save the animals or perhaps even travel and build homes or teach the less fortunate. You have a heart of gold and it won’t go unnoticed. Just be careful that you’re not too trusting as not everybody in this world is as kind as you!

Number 7

Much like the Egyptian God Thoth, your love in this world is knowledge. You search it out wherever you can and to you a library is heaven! You don’t care what you’re learning about provided you are indeed learning. Being challenged intellectually is your constant drive. Isolation doesn’t scare you, in fact you find comfort in it…but be wary that you don’t isolate yourself completely.

Number 8

As a number 8 you’ll do anything to win. If there isn’t a competition to do something then you’ll create one and try to win it! When you encounter someone more successful, you instantly view it as a challenge and aim to push yourself higher. However, if you’re not careful you’ll wear yourself out and everything you’ve worked on will come crashing down. So take a break every once in a while!

Number 9

Finally, we take a look at the number 9. You’re a man/woman of the people and your strive in life is to be a voice for those who don’t have one. You may find yourself entering into politics simply to make sure that everyone’s opinion is heard. You’re naturally charismatic and people are attracted to you like metal to a magnet! Don’t let it go to your head though!

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