What is a tarot reader?

what is a tarot reader

Face to face or online, free or paid, a tarot reader must have perfect knowledge of the cards, particularly one of the most famous decks, the Tarot of Marseille, but must also have perfect mastery over the meaning of each card and understand the relationships between the various arcana.

Becoming a tarot reader is not just drawing tarot cards!

You can easily understand that one cannot improvise him or herself as a good tarot reader. It is not just about drawing arcana. This is only the first step in a complex and precise undertaking where you read and interpret the cards.

For the best possible interpretation of the arcana, the reader must draw from every piece of knowledge, code, and rule he or she has learned through literary, philosophical or esoteric research. Only by using all that knowledge can a tarot reader, also called a tarologist, bring specific answers to the questions that are laid before him for Love, Work, or even Money-related tarot reading.

During a divinatory tarot consultation, the tarologist will use the whole range of their reading knowledge and psychic abilities – and even extra sensory perceptions like me – to shed some light on your current life but also on your romantic, professional or financial future