What Moon was I Born Under?

What Moon Was I Born Under

When people are looking for insights into their personality, their destiny or that of a friend or family member, they tend to dive straight into zodiac signs. However, zodiac signs are only a small aspect of astrology and in order to get a fuller and more detailed picture, you need to explore other areas. In this article we will explore just one of these areas: your birth moon. So if you find yourself asking: what moon was I born under and what does this mean? Then this article will hopefully answer all of your questions.

Moon Phase Astrology

To quickly summaries the concept of moon phases astrology and why the moon phase on my birthday or your birthday is important, we need to touch upon the phases themselves. There are 8 phases in total and these vary depending where the moon is in relation to the sun. Each phase impacts the energy levels on Earth.

To put it in perspective, asking what moon phase was I born in can allow me to know the sort of energy I was exposed to at birth. The same applies to you, as we will see in a moment. So what moon phase was I born under and how do I work that out?

What moon was I born under?’ is actually incredibly simple to answer and I would advise you to use the same method. Many websites have a moon phase birth chart which allows you to simply input your date of birth and find what phase the moon was in on that day. What was the moon phase when I was born? I was born in a full moon phase. Let’s take a look at some of the moon phases and what they mean.

Full Moon Phase

Now that you’ve answered the question: what moon was I born under? We can take a look at the full moon phase. Above all else, the energy from this phase produces individuals who strive for balance in all things. They typically wear their emotions on their sleeves and any act of bravery will be matched by an act of fear.
These people will naturally search for a relationship: whether it is a deep friendship or a relationship and when they make close friends, they stay friends for life.

Waning Gibbous Phase

The next phase is the waning gibbous. This is when the moon appears to be getting smaller as it goes from the full moon to the third quarter moon. If you were born under this moon phase then you’ll already know that you have a strong desire to find and achieves your life’s goal or purpose. You always have a strong desire to share your knowledge with the world but it’s important that you understand that not everybody shares your interests.

The Third Quarter Phase

When you answered the question: what moon was I born under? Did you get this phase? This phase of the moon is approach darkness. It is half-light, half-dark but that light is fading and many people born under this phase will find themselves relying on their own light in times of darkness. When you feel cut off from the world, you can typically get by with your own thoughts as company. Even when you’re around others you tend to feel different or unique, almost as if nobody quite understands you.


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Waning Crescent Phase

If you were born under a waning crescent phase then the near-darkness of the moon reflects your sense of urgency. If something is worth doing, then it is worth doing in a timely manner! This drive that you possess can open many doors and when nurtured it can lead to great things. Many people born under this moon phase will become leaders others will become teachers, some will become both. Your ability to crunch through information and relay to others in an easy to digest manner makes you more approachable and charismatic.

New Moon Phase

When you asked yourself “what moon was I born under?” and discovered it was the new moon phase, you probably weren’t surprised in the slightest. You were born into darkness and so out of necessity you’ve grown up shining brighter than most. You’re full of energy, life and enthusiasm and once you’ve put your mind to something, nothing can stop you. You will sometimes be envious of the laid back nature that your friends seem to possess but know that they are equally as envious of your drive.

Waxing Crescent Moon Phase

The waxing crescent moon meaning astrology offers is rather interesting. Those born under the waxing crescent phase remember the darkness and so they are hesitant to dive into any new situation without proper planning. For you, there is never any reason to act impulsively as small steps are always the best approach. You’re level-headed and calm which suits your lifestyle well.

First Quarter Moon Phase

If you were born under the first quarter moon phase, you are fast to act. You’re not necessarily impulsive as you don’t act without thinking, it’s more that you’re quick to think, quick to make decisions and therefore quick to act. You’re not a fan of tradition or keeping things the same as you believe that everything should be in a constant state of flux.

Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase

Asking: “what moon was I born under?” must have been an interesting moment if you were born during this phase as you’re a seeker of truth. You don’t take anybody’s word as being complete fact and instead you investigate everything you’re told. Uncovering misinformation and lies provides you with a thrill. Proving people wrong may be fun for you but try not to rub it in their faces.

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