Mahjong’s oracle

mahjong oracle

Little known as a divinatory oracle, Mahjong (also spelled Majiang and Mah Jongg) originates in China. Even if it is quite difficult to clearly identify its origins, Mahjong is a fully-fledged divination tool that’s quite confidential. It, however, reveals elements about the future and enables anyone to better understand their destiny.

What is the Mahjong Oracle?

Mah Jongg appeared several centuries ago. It is a divinatory Chinese art composed of 144 tiles. They may be made of ivory, bamboo, plastic or even of bone. They may also take the form of cards in more recent versions. “Mahjong” refers to the sparrows’ peep, which is a sound that’s close to the noise the tiles make when they bump into one another.

Mah Jongg uses 4 identical sets. That specificity constitutes the main difference with the tarot. In other words, some tiles appear more than once in Mahjong. It is thus possible to draw the same tile several times. In this particular case, the meaning of the tiles you drew several times will be strengthened when you consult the Mah Jongg oracle.

Mahjong as reading tool

Mahjong is first of all a divinatory oracle. In olden times, it was mainly used by some initiates. Today, it is still quite a difficult oracle to invoke and master. Some Chinese people still respect the tradition and consult the Mahjong oracle, notably at the time of the Chinese New Year.

Mahjong as online game

As time went by, it became a board game before it crossed borders in the 20th century. Western people, followed by people all around the world, started developing a liking for the Chinese Mahjong.
Thanks to technological progress, the Mahjong game is available in electronic form, just like the famous Mahjong Shanghai. Similarly, Internet became a great tool to develop many variants of Mahjong online, which are most of the time free of charge.

Why consult the Mah Jongg oracle?

As a reading tool, the Mah Jongg oracle not only enables us to get some predictions, but it can also give us advice. This oracle is useful to:

  • bring an answer to an ongoing problem
  • favor a decision
  • get revelations in the near future. Some predictions may sometimes be relevant for a whole year. 
  • understand the past to get a better understanding of the current situation we find ourselves in and of future events.

 How to invoke the Mah Jongg oracle
To consult the oracle, you first have to make a selection from among the tiles. They may be drawn just like you draw cards when performing a tarot draw. This kind of draw perfectly suits the Mahjong game in the form of cards. When the tiles are solid, it is possible to throw them to the ground to consult the oracle

Different kinds of draws for the Mahjong

Just like the tarot, there are several ways of drawing tiles with this oracle. Most of the variations can be found on two levels:

  • the number of tiles to draw
  • the disposition of the tiles that must be respected

Here are a few examples:

  • draw of only one tile
  • draw of three tiles representing the past, present and future
  • draw taking the 4 cardinal points into account
  • the love draw, performed most often using 9 tiles
  • draw 12 tiles representing each month for a yearly reading

Whatever method you choose, consulting the Majiang mainly relies on the interpretation of ancestral symbols appearing on the tiles. They primarily come from the Chinese culture and astrology.

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