4 Leaf Clover

4 leaf clover

In addition to being a botanical curiosity, the four-leaf Clover is a real symbol of luck and power. Lucky charm par excellence, this magic plant holds more than one secret…

4 Leaf clover in botany

It all started with an extremely rare mutation of the white clover. This white clover also called Trifolium repens, that can be found in most lawns only has 3 leaves. It is so hard to discover a 4 Leaf Clover (a 4-leaflet clover, as botanists say) that the person who comes across one is considered to be particularly lucky.  

Four-leaf clover as a Lucky charm

Every leaf possesses a specific power. This power may vary depending on legends and traditions, but the 4-leaf Clover is unanimously recognized as a plant that holds something magical.

For example, in the Christian tradition, the 4 leaf clover has the following meaning:

  • The first leaf refers to Hope
  • The second one relates to Faith
  • The third one evokes Charity
  • The fourth one connotes Luck

While the meanings in the Anglo-Saxon tradition are totally different:

  • The 1st leaf suggests Fame
  • The 2nd one promises Wealth
  • The 3rd one evokes Love
  • The 4th one refers to Health


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Being a lucky charm and a source of energy at the same time, the four-leaf Clover is also considered to be a symbol of eternity. Its cross-like shape is interpreted in certain cultures as a symbol of virtue.

Meaning of the 4 leaf Clover through objects

Whether it is a synonym for happiness, love, luck or money, the 4 leaf Clover comes in a range of different forms:

  • Pendants, brooches
  • Necklaces, bracelets
  • Key rings
  • Drawings or images
  • Or even tattoos

Beyond those different forms lies the promise of the materialization of happiness through these representations of the 4 Leaf Clover. Everybody’s free to choose the form of their own lucky charm and, in this case, of their 4-leaf clover.


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