Exploring the Meaning of a Pink Aura!

Pink Aura

When it comes to understanding aura there is a lot of information to consider. For starters, you need to consider the color of the aura as each color represents a different meaning. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg as each color can appear in a number of different shades and each of these also carries a different meaning. In this article we’re going to breakdown the varying meanings behind one color of aura in particular: a pink aura. We’ll explore the pink aura meaning and we’ll consider whether there is a connection between a pink aura and pink Chakra energy.

What is an Aura?

Before we dive straight into exploring the various meanings of a pink colored aura, we have to actually understand what an aura is. So what is an aura? In simple terms, it’s a sort of energy field that surrounds every living thing. You can think of it as a spiritual force field that attempts to protect you from the negative energy that you encounter in the world. Auras also reflect certain energy levels that exist within us and so through learning what each color means, we can get an insight into a person.

The insights that an aura color meaning can provide does vary a little from one person to the next and not all colors or shades will reveal the same information about once person as it would for the next person. For example, a light shade of pink might reveal information about a person’s health while a dark shade of pink might reflect their personality. So what does a pink aura mean? Let’s begin to take a look at the spiritual meaning of pink and how this differs from shade to shade.

Bright Pink

The spiritual meaning of pink is most apparent when we examine the meaning of a bright pink aura. This color of aura usually indicates that the person is grounded, level-headed and at peace. This is typically a color for people who routinely carry out meditation, introspection and consume healthy food. This is also where we find our connection to the pink Chakra. Don’t worry if you’re a little unsure about the Chakra colours and meaning. Basically, the pink Chakra represents the Heart Chakra. Interestingly, this Chakra is associated with finding inner-peace and harmony.

Those with a bright pink aura will make excellent friends and even better partners. To them, commitment is part of their life which is noticeable simply by understanding their dedication to meditation and other spiritual practices. These individuals are incredibly self-disciplined which is one of the reasons they are excellent relationship material. If you wish to reach this color of aura then you should create a meditation routine for yourself. Start off simple by doing 10-15 minutes every other day and go from there. Don’t jump straight into an hour long session as you’ll just wear yourself out.


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Dark Pink

What does pink mean? Well, as we begin to explore a darker shade of pink, we can begin to see why the pink color meaning can be so difficult to grasp. If you or someone else displays a dark pink aura then it means that they once had the determination, commitment and self-discipline that we just mentioned above, but they’ve lost control and their aura has become tainted. These individuals will become emotionally immature, will lose much of their spirituality and/or faith, will find themselves lying to solve problems, and will express more negative emotions than positive ones.

If you find yourself in this shade of pink, don’t worry yourself, it isn’t permanent. Sometimes people end up in this shade due to a personal problem or tragedy and so it can take a little time to recover before beginning the healing process. The best way to get back on track is to start meditating again. Even if this is the only aspect of yourself that you change, you’ll begin to notice the benefits almost immediately. Just be patient and focus on spiritually healing yourself rather than worrying about the shade of your aura.


The final shade of pink aura that we’re going to take a look at is the magenta aura. Typically, a magenta shade of aura will also contain the colors blue and red so as you can imagine, this confuses the pink meaning even further. Individuals with this color of aura display a number of both positive and negative personality traits due to their energy fluctuations. At times, they will come across as strong, extroverted, powerful, lively, and will essentially be the life of the party. During this time people will likely describe them as fun and energetic.

However, they can also appear to be the opposite and this can happen for no apparent reason. Those with a magenta aura can become isolated, introverted, quiet, calm, shy and withdrawn. During this time they will be incredibly creative and artistic. They won’t be much fun at parties but the final product of whatever they are working on will certainly amaze those who witness it. Those who display this color on a more long-term basis make excellent artists or authors as they gain plenty of life experience and can focus it into a creative outlet.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of all the different shades that a pink aura can have. It’s important to remember that the shades of pink (and in fact any other color) are closer to being a scale than separate groups. For example, it’s not always as simple as categorizing a shade into being light pink or dark pink. Sometimes we have to acknowledge that the shade is dark pink but not fully dark or is light with dark tones. This means that the individual will have a dominant shade but with traits from the less prevalent shade as well. The pink color meaning personality wise can vary and fluctuate. 

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